Tuesday, January 13, 2009

iPhone Stack.app / Entended Preferences.app options not showing in Settings

Symptom 1: Installing the 3rd party app 'Stack' places the floating icon in the center of the dock, and there is no way to adjust this.

Symptom 2: Installing the 3rd party app 'Extended Preferences' doesn't appear to work.

[Uninstalling / reinstalling has no effect.]

The applications install their preferences into the native 'Settings' program.
However, the settings for Stack or Extended Preferences are not shown.

Culprit: 'Stack' and 'Extended Preferences' conflict with each other.

Fix: [From reader Dominick, Thanks!], turn off Extended Preferences in winterboard (if installed).

Fix: Uninstalling Extended Preferences or Stack until a patch is issued.
-Reinstalling Extended Preferences with Stack installed will prevent the extend prefs from appearing.
-Reinstalling Stack with Extended Preferences installed will prevent the exstended options (settings) appearing.
-At this point, it's one or the other.

Some screen shots showing Stack after uninstalling Extended Preferences

Note: you must place an icon behind the stack to space your five icon dock correctly.
A blank icon (using iBlank works best.)

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