Thursday, April 10, 2008

Troubleshooting: iPhone no volume

We were approached with a sick [hacked] iPhone, it had no volume, no vibration - unless receiving a phone call.  (Everything else worked fine.)

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Firmware: 1.1.4 (4A102)
Baseband: 04.04.05_G

Discovery: "Playing with my iPhone, I tapped the application named "GuitarChords", but this time it produced no sound.
Realizing the iPhone was toggled to silent mode [side switch] I flipped the switch ON.
Still no sound, upon pressing the volume UP side button, the iPhone indicated it was set to maximum.
I tried the silent switch again, realizing at that point, I had no vibration either.
The iPhone would produce sound for calls, and music only, no other sound at all."
(Note, changing the ringtone would play music at that time [in menu] also.)

Status: Fixed.   Procedure followed:
(Checking for volume after each step.)

Checked both the toggle switch and volume controls on side.

Checked: 'Settings', 'Sound', volume is UP, toggles for listed options are ON.

Turned iPhone off, and back on.  Twice.

Hard reset (hold down 'Home' & On switch until Apple symbol

Tried repeatedly plugging/unplugging headphones into jack.

Replaced   residing in   private/var/root/Library/Preferences

Replaced   residing in   private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences
Uninstalled 'VolumeBoost' hack.

Reinstalled 'VolumeBoost' hack.

Uninstalled any/all audio apps.

iPhone Off/On

Hard reset.

The iPhone had been backed-up (through iTunes) recently, which was fortunate, as I wouldn't recommend backing it up now, in this state.  -At least not through iTunes, which maintains a single backup per iPhone, overwriting the previous one.

Docked the iPhone, ran iTunes, pressed the 'Restore' button.  -Again, skipping the backup option.

Restoring the iPhone through iTunes has resolved the issue one hundred percent.
-yes, it will need to be jailbroken again to install 3rd party apps.

[Note, I cannot find fault with the program "GuitarChords", I am confident this was merely a coincidence.]

Backup the iPhone on occasion, at least through iTunes.  (Use SSH if you're able, to save apps, books, etc.)


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