Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Use Your iPad As A Second [Wireless] Monitor:

Available from the Apple App Store ‘Air Display' [$9.99US] will allow you to use your iPad through your wireless network as a second monitor with your Macintosh, or regular PC.

It works pretty well, although a tad sluggish [tried on a ‘G-band’ WiFi network].

Pricey, but a pretty good application overall.

Align like any other monitor.
The iPad resolution is 768 X 1024 [or 1024 X 768 :^].

Some Screen savers display on both monitors, albeit with some delay; especially the more animated ones [like this one via MacUpdate].

Main screen, and iPad to the right.
There’s a little optional drop-down menu with preferences for the menu bar at the top.

Apparently it works with the iPhone, and iTouch too, and adds touch-screen to the device monitor. Cool.

Secure those iPad (iPhone, iTouch) Files:

With most new/cool/electronic devices, people like to gain hands-on experience ...for good or bad.

Locking the iPad (or iPhone, iTouch) with a passcode is a good first step, but what if someone wants to try the device out?

Using an app like “Goodreader” allows you to password protect your sensitive documents (Text, Photo, PDF, etc…) from prying eyes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Having flash installed on your devices apparently does shorten battery life.

Steve Jobs' [CEO; Apple Inc.] company has been criticized for refusing to allow Adobe’s Flash software it be installed on it’s portable iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch, iPad), and the new OSX Macbook Air laptop computer [user installable].

The stated primary reasons were security and power consumption issues.

While the security issues are being addressed, the power problem is just beginning to come to light (of the end-users).

Steve Jobs may be a [highly?] regarded as an over-zealous pitchman, but he’s certainly no liar.

iMage found via Google from polygeek.com.