Monday, April 7, 2008

Favored iPhone / iTouch apps:

Here are some favored apps as they are reported to or by us, (many require additional 'sources' to be added the the Installer program.)

(Please Note: 'BSD Subsystem' (UNIX code - available through the Installer**) is required by most third party apps.)
[ZiPhone 3.0 now installs the subsystem code by default.]

This is informational, install these programs through the  (You may need to add more sources to see these appear.)

BossPrefs - Fix Dir permissions, toggle SSH / Edge / WiFi / Bluetooth / Phone / Airplane / AFP modes on and off. (configurable.)
Also fixes DIR permissions, uses a 'dock' to conceal (or group) other apps, shows avail 'disk' space, and allows running from the home button.

BossTool - Move fonts, ringtones, third party apps to larger memory partition, it can also 'wipe' your device, if desired.  (Screenshots here.)

Categories - Group icons into folders. (Available through the "Community Sources" that come with Installer)  (Screenshots here.)

Customize 2.0 - Manage and backup themes, change sounds, and system text strings.  (Screenshots / walkthrough)
      Note: Customize dropped the option to add extra icons to the dock.  (Apple changed the file structure on 1.1.3 and above.)

Extended Preferences - Added additional preferences.  (Screen dimming, percentages for battery....)
       [Temporarily unavailable, too many found the app unstable.]

Gutenberg - Required for eBooks provided by Project Gutenberg.  (Manual install file is here.)

Insomnia - keeps the device connected during 'sleep' to continue downloads, or whatever. (toggles on/off)

Kate - Subscription program - 5 icon dock for 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, dial using the letters on the numeric keypad, add a custom 3 band equalizer, (more....)

KillBoard - Force reset the 'Spring/Summerboard'. (GUI***)

RepoName - A case-sensitive search engine for installer.          <---------
Displays the repo name any app.  Can eMail iSpazio to request inclusions, also!

Respring - Force reset the 'Spring/Summerboard'. (GUI***)  (Screenshots here.)

Snapture - Advanced camera options for iPhone.  (Available through the "Community Sources" that come with Installer)  (Screenshots here.)
A camera replacement.  You can digitally zoom, shoot multiple shots quickly, auto rotate, use quiet mode, use an on-screen leveler, set a timer, and shoot black/white, or sepia (old fashioned brown/white shots).  donation-ware.

Volume Boost - iPhone patch. (specific to yourfirmware version, add  as a source.)
Increases iPhone maximum volume approx 25%.

XLaunch - Alphabetical list of all applications, easy selection.

Bejeweled - Port of a popular game.  (
Frotz - Z-machine game engine port (uses Z-code files).  (Interactive Fiction Guide.)
     SSH [Z-code] games into   /private/var/root/Media/Frotz/Games  regardless of app relocation (BossTool).

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Text adventure. (run from Frotz)
iSlots - Slot machine.  (Screenshots here.)
iZoo - 'Bejeweled' type native (and skinable) game.
Lights Off - Adjacent square toggling game.
Mines - Port of 'minefield'  (Screenshot here.)
NES - Nintendo Gameboy port. (requires 'ROM's.)
     SSH ROMs into   /private/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES   if app DIR was relocated (BossTool).
     SSH ROMs into   /private/var/root/Media/ROMs/NES   if app DIR was NOT relocated.

Pool - Billiards.
Puzzle Maniak - Collection of challenges.
Sudoku - Port of popular number game.
Zork - Text adventure. (run from Frotz)

eBooks:  (requires Books app,  as a source.)
The Bourne Series
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Series
The Lord Of The Rings Series

Books - eBook reader.
Drummer - Drum pad of iPhone.
iCountdown - Up to four different countdown timers.
Lockbox - Keep passwords and accounts numbers in a secure database.
MxTube - Download (and save) uTube videos.  (Screenshots here.)
Pianist - Piano for iPhone.  (Screenshots here.)
Shaver - Electric shaver for iPhone.
Summerboard - Themes
VoiceNotes - Record sound clips.
Wallpaper - Swap desktop pictures with the world.  (iApp-A-Day)
Weatherbug - More detailed widget (web app)

- These apps are provided 'as-is' by great individuals, or groups who would appreciate donations. (Check 'More Info' on the apps you use.)

** These apps are provided via Nullriver's excellent Installer application which is provided odomatically when the device is 'jailbroken' by ZiPhone.  (see earlier 'iPhone' post.)

*** Graphical User Interface, "goo-wee"

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