Saturday, September 26, 2009

MMS active on at&t for the iPhone: HowTo for hacked iPhones!


(Apple's instructions for enabling MMS on the *non-hacked* iPhone 3G and 3GS here.)

Benm's nstructions for enabling MMS on the *HACKED:)* iPhone 3G and 3GS here.
      -Enter the network settings under the MMS area; NOT the Cellular Data area (which is displayed first -scroll down.)
      -Please REBOOT your iPhone after following the excellent instructions from the guys over at Benm.

(The original [Edge] iPhone does not support MMS.)

Google intros push eMail for the iPhone!

Google's at it again, improving its free eMail with better support for the iPhone!

More Google Goodness.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jailbreaking your iPhone / iTouch:

The following links reference the iPhone Developers Blog. These brilliant people are continually updating their software to enable better control of the iPhone / iTouch you've purchased.

The options provided include:
- Additional software not provided or sanctioned by Apple Inc.
- Access to the file system.
- Custom ringtones, wallpapers, themes.
- Maintaining your 'Think ...Different' attitude.

First, know your hardware version;  I.E. is it a 2G-(the original model), 3G, or 3GS iPhone.

Second, check your Software and Firmware versions:
[Touch  Settings >  General >  About]
Note the [operating system software] Version and Modem Firmware.

If you have operating system software (sometimes referred to as the firmware):

Version 2.2 click here.

Version 2.21 click here.

Version 3.0 click here.

Version 3.0.1 click here.

Version 3.1 unavailable at this time.

  Bonus!   iClarified has several iPhone step-by-step guides here.
                    (iClarified's iTouch step-by step guides here.)

Maintaining iPhone Jailbreak with OS 3.1; Step One.

On jailbroken devices, run Cydia now (upgrade the program if you don't see the heart):

Click the heart to have your device's hash signature saved from future reference.

Deciding not to have your device on file will probably lock the device out of future jailbreaking attempts.

Do not upgrade to 3.1 at this time; this is step one in preparation for maintaining control of your device.

Thanks to the iPhone Development team for thier outstanding help.

Once your has file has been recorded, you'll see this message:

New Add-On Tactile Keyboard for iPhone:

The iTwinge available from Mobile Mechatronics in November, snaps on the iPhone for texting.  $29.99 USD.

Sunday, September 6, 2009