Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jailbreaking your iPhone / iTouch:

The following links reference the iPhone Developers Blog. These brilliant people are continually updating their software to enable better control of the iPhone / iTouch you've purchased.

The options provided include:
- Additional software not provided or sanctioned by Apple Inc.
- Access to the file system.
- Custom ringtones, wallpapers, themes.
- Maintaining your 'Think ...Different' attitude.

First, know your hardware version;  I.E. is it a 2G-(the original model), 3G, or 3GS iPhone.

Second, check your Software and Firmware versions:
[Touch  Settings >  General >  About]
Note the [operating system software] Version and Modem Firmware.

If you have operating system software (sometimes referred to as the firmware):

Version 2.2 click here.

Version 2.21 click here.

Version 3.0 click here.

Version 3.0.1 click here.

Version 3.1 unavailable at this time.

  Bonus!   iClarified has several iPhone step-by-step guides here.
                    (iClarified's iTouch step-by step guides here.)

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