Monday, July 12, 2010

windows 7 forgetting your network drive login?

Is windows 7 not remembering your network password?!?

...really!?! -sarcasm.

Click 'the windows Marble' [Aqua-blue bubble encompassing the windows symbol ...replacing the 'Start' menu] -Lower left hand corner, usually.

Click 'Control Panel'

Click [If viewed by categories] 'User Account and Family Safety' ["Safety?!?" ...This IS windows....] then click 'Credential Manager'

Or [If viewed by icons; just] 'Credential Manager'

Click 'Add a windows Credential'

Enter the IP address of the server [example:], or the server name [example: \\Bootcamp\winblows 7*]

or*, with the Username*, and password* as prompted.

Click 'OK'

This should force windows to remember your network login.

"May the farce [sic] be with you."

* Examples WILL vary;
Enter the username and password of a valid account for the router itself in a browser. [ or http://192.1698.0.1 as an IP Address, with 'admin' as a username and 'password' as the password, when prompted. -Consult the CD, manual, or online dox of the router brand for clarity.]

...Still having issues, apparently placing files in the root directory will work, just relocate it into the subfolder after transfer.