Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maintaining server connections:

Intermittent server connection dropouts and/or failures upon (re)connection.

Possible solution:
Hardwired connections - Turn Off Airport.
   If a server timeout occurs, Airport may obtain an IP address, before attempting reconnection.

   If possible manually input a static IP address toward the higher range of the IP pool.
   Creating a new location may help if the network is used frequently.
      'Network' preference pane, hold down 'Location:', select 'Edit locations' [or 'New location'] from the pop-up menu, click the plus sign [or select a name] to add a new location.

Wireless connections - Check your Airport network.
   If a server timeout occurs, or the signal drops, Airport may switch to another network.


   In the 'Network' preference pane, check the 'Ask to join new networks' option.
   You may need to delete previously joined open networks from the 'Advanced' - 'Preferred Networks' list.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Resolving iPhone / iTouch / iPod Syncing issues:

Device erroring out when trying to sync?
Try these steps: [Attempt re-syncing after each step.]

1.) Insure the device isn't sleeping.
Depending on what is installed, you may need to turn off sleeping when syncing.

2.) Check the USB cable, and computer port.
Try a different USB port. (USB 2 is faster, but USB 1.1 will work) (Firewire will charge, but not transfer data anymore.)

3.) Try a different computer, if possible.

4.) Turn the device off, and back on.

5.) Hard reset the device.
-Hold the 'Home' button, and the 'sleep' button until the iPhone / iTouch shuts down.
-Hold the 'Menu' button and the center button on the iPod until the device shuts down.

6.) Check your permissions. (Jailbroken [hacked] iPhone / iTouch)

If unfamiliar with Unix, feel free to skip this step.

Use CyberDuck to path private/var/mobile/Library/Safari
Highlight [click on] Bookmarks.plist, type Command-I to change the permissions to 775,


Run 'Terminal'.
SSH to the device.
Carefully [case-sensitive] enter or copy/paste these commands: (See the screenshot)

cd /var/mobile/Library/Safari
chown mobile Bookmarks.plist
chmod 775 Bookmarks.plist

Turn off SSH, if possible.

7.) Uncheck all sync options in iTunes, try syncing, then recheck them, and sync again.

8.) Reinstall iTunes.

9.) Reset your sync history.
Run 'iSync' select 'Preferences' click the "Reset Sync History" button.

10.) Reset all settings on the device.
Tap 'Settings', tap 'General', tap 'Reset', tap 'Reset All Settings'.

11.) Last Resort: Restore the device. (You will need to re-hack if you choose to.)
Run 'iTunes', click 'Restore' from the 'Summary' screen.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts:

Please Note:
Hold down the modifier keys, and then press the letters...
These are default keystrokes -unless specified. You can change them using the 'Keyboard & Mouse' Preference pane....
"Object" infers a highlighted, or selected item (folder, or icon).

Command-A [Edit menu] Select All.
Shift-Command-A [Finder; Go menu] Open Applications folder.

Command-B [View menu] Hide toolbar.

Command-C [Edit menu] Copy object.
Option-drag Copy dragged files to new location.
Command-drag Move dragged files to new location.
Option-Command-drag Create alias (shortcut) of dragged files/folders.
Shift-Command-C [Finder; Go menu] Open Computer window.

Command-D [File menu] Duplicate object.
Control-Command-D [Dictionary] Define selected or hovered word.
Option-Command-D Toggle hide/show Dock.

Command-E [File menu] Eject media; CD, DVD, Mounted volume...

Command-F [File menu] Find...
Shift-Command-F [Finder; Go menu] Open favorites folder.

Shift-Command-G [Finder; Go menu] Goto... folder.

Command-H [App menu] Hide (focused, or top) application.
Option-Command-H Hide other (not-focused) applications.
Shift-Command-H [Finder; Go menu] Open Home folder.

Command-I [File menu] Get info on object.
Option-Command-I Show attributes Inspector.
Shift-Command-I [Finder; Go menu] iDisk.
Shift-Command-I [Safari] Send current page to mail (New message.)

Command-J [View menu] Show view options on object.

Command-K [Go menu] Connect to server...

Command-L [File menu] Create alias (shortcut, or pointer to object).

Command-M [Window menu] Minimize (focused, or top) window.
Option-Command-M Minimize all (focused or top applications) windows to dock.

Command-N [File menu] New Finder window.
Shift-Command-N [File menu] New folder.

Command-O [File menu] Open...

Command-P [File menu] Print.

Command-Q [App menu] Quit (focused, or top) application.
Shift-Command-Q Quit all applications and log-out.
Shift-Option-Command-Q Log-out without warning.

Command-R [File menu] Show original object.

Command-S [File menu] Save project.
Shift-Command-S Save as...

Command-T [File menu] Add object to favorites.

Command-V [Edit menu] Paste (previously copied) object.

Command-W [File menu] Close (focused, or top) application window.
Option-Command-W Close all windows.
Shift-Option-Command-W Close all windows and dialog boxes.

Command-X [File menu] Cut object.

Shift-Command-Y Creates a new sticky note from selected text.

Command-Z [File menu] Undo.

Command-Delete [File menu] Move to trash.
Shift-Command-Delete [Finder menu] Empty trash.
Shift-Option-Command-Delete Empty trash without dialog box.

Command-1 View as icons.

Command-2 View as list.

Command-3 View as columns.
Shift-Command-3 Screen snapshot to desktop.
Shift-Control-Command-3 Copy entire screen to clipboard.
(Escape to cancel. Pictures saved as TIFF files; PDF files for Mac OSX 10.2 & newer.)

Command-4 View in Cover-flow.
Shift-Command-4 Snapshot of selected area to desktop.
Shift-Command-4-Space Snapshot of window to desktop.
Shift-Control-Command-4 Copy selected area to clipboard.
(Escape to cancel. Pictures saved as TIFF files; PDF files for Mac OSX 10.2 & newer.)

Option-Command-Esc Force Quit dialog box.
Shift-Option-Command-Escape (hold 4 seconds) Force quit current application.
Command-. (period) Stop process.

Control-Eject Dialog box; Restart, Sleep, Shutdown.

Shift-Control-Eject Put display to sleep.

Control-Command-Eject Quit all Apps and Restart.

Option-Command-Eject Sleep Now.
Option-Command-Power Sleep Now.

Control-Option-Command-Eject Shut down immediately.

Command-? [Help menu] Open Mac help.

Command-[ [Finder; Go menu] Back.

Command-] [Finder; Go menu] Forward.

Option-left arrow [Editing text] Move to beginning of current or previous word. (Hold Shift to select through.)
Command-left arrow [Editing text] Move to beginning of line. (Hold Shift to select through.)
Command-left arrow Collapse folder in list view.

Option-right arrow [Editing text] Move to the end of current or next word. (Hold Shift to select through.)
Command-right arrow [Editing text] Move to end of line. (Hold Shift to select through.)
Command-right arrow Expand folder in list view.
Option-Command-right arrow Expand folder including nested sub-folders in list view.

Command-down arrow [Editing text] Move to end of all text. (Hold Shift to select through.)

Command-up arrow [Editing text] Move to beginning of all text. (Hold Shift to select through.)
Option-Command up arrow Open parent folder while closing existing window.

Inserts a "non-breaking space" into a document.
Command-Space Open Spotlight.
Command-Alt-Space Open Spotlight Guide.

Function-Delete "Forward Delete"

(Video/Audio & Miscellaneous Shortcuts:)

Option-Function-1 Open Displays Preference pane.
Command-Function-1 Switch between video mirroring and extended desktop screens.

Option-Function-2 Open Displays Preference pane.
Command-Function-2 Auto-detect new display.

Option-Function-3, 4, 5 Open Sound Preference pane.

Function-8 Toggle Spaces display.
Shift-Function-8 Toggle Spaces display -slow motion.

Function-9 Show all open windows.
Shift-Function-9 Show all open windows -slow motion.

Function-10 Show all windows for focused or top application.
Shift-Function-10 Show all windows for focused or top application -slow motion.

Option-Function-8, 9, 10 Open Keyboard and Mouse Preference pane.

Function-11 Minimize all windows.
Shift-Function-11 Minimize all windows -slow motion.

F12 Eject media.
Function-12 Open / Close Dashboard.
Shift-Function-12 Open / Close Dashboard -slow motion.

F14 Dim display.

F15 Brighten display.

Option-Command-S (While viewing video) Creates a picture from the playing video, or iChat.
Command-click and drag to send a picture clipping to the finder, or another application.

Option-quick look (Customized window) Display full screen.

Hold down Control while using a scroll-mouse to zoom the screen in and out.

From the comments:
Concerning dialog [pop-up operating system] boxes:
Pressing the 'Esc' - escape key will select the 'Cancel' button.
Pressing 'Tab' to move between options.
Pressing 'Return' to select the highlighted option.
Thanks Nicolas!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

iPod ignored by iTunes:

If your iPod works normally, but is ignored by iTunes, refusing to sync:

First turn it on, then reset it by holding down the 'Menu' button (top of the control ring), and the center button at the same time for approx. 10 seconds -just until the iPod shuts off. (continuing to hold the buttons will force a restore.)

Upon restarting, it should act normally.

[Other tips here.]

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Option key [Apple OS X Finder] window buttons:

Holding down the 'Option' key while pressing;

The red (left; close) dot, closes all of that application's windows.

The yellow (middle; minimize) dot, minimizes all of that application's windows to the dock.

The green (right; maximize) dot, maximizes all of that application's windows.

In addition, 'Option' clicking an icon in the dock hides all of that application's windows.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Favorite Audrey pix. (Off topic)

Back to more important things....

microsoft Monday: outlook express "Unknown Error 0x800C0131, 0x800C0133"

Running "outlook express" [a eMail windows program] results in this error:
"An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'name', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C013x"

Possible cause:
It appears the "inbox" is limited to approx. 2500 eMails, depending on total size of attachments.

Possible solution:
1.) Create new folders. (right-click in the left-hand folder field, and select "new folder".)

     Name them "Pictures, Inspirational, Humour, Dirty... etc."
     Move existing eMails to one of these new folders.  (Preferably to a matching folder category.)

     [Click and hold on each eMail, and drag to the folder.]
     [Holding down the 'Control' key while clicking eMails, allows multiple selections.]
     [Holding down the 'Shift' key while clicking an eMail, then clicking another one further down, allows selecting a range of eMails.]

      Repeat until the inbox is a considerably smaller size.

      Attempt to download more eMail.

2.) Click 'Tools', click 'Options', click 'Maintenance', select 'Compact Messages'.
      This will take some time.

      When complete, attempt to download more eMail.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

Can't send eMail with comcast account?

Change the outgoing server port to 587, but don't check SSL...

Run mail.
Select the 'Mail' menu (next to the Apple symbol).
Select 'Preferences'.
Click 'Accounts' in the window which opened.
Select the comcast account.
Click 'Advanced'.
Change the port number from 110 or 995, to 587. Don't check SSL.
Close the window, Click 'Save' when prompted.