Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is your iPhone 4S draining the battery quickly?

I heard about the issue before purchasing the new iPhone, which I received 8 Nov.

My iPhone is fine; unless I have reminders set. The battery will then drop faster, too fast.
I opened Settings, clicked Location Services, and turned off Reminders; things returned to normal.

Is this the issue? Too early to tell. Just a theory.

[Apple has apparently discovered the culprit, and is preparing has a fix….]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another iOS Untethered Jailbreak Scam:

                  Yet another jailbreaking SCAM.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lolz: New Store Grand Opening!

Read on Daring Fireball:

Maybe Microsoft Should Get into the Concert Ticket Business?


Anatomy Of An Online Scam:

Anatomy Of An Online Scam.

Treat every new site as a scam.

Looks legit?, Right?

Order form has “cred”, Right?

"Frequently Asked Questions", Right?

"Customer reviews", Right?

Hmmm, chat’s offline?, yeah right...

Big claims, Right?


fastra1n / is fraudulent.
You will *not* jailbreak or unlock your iPhone. You will lose $24.99.
Karma doesn’t register with these people. Screw ‘em protect yourself.

The only way to ‘contact’ anyone: eMail. (fake captcha and all).

It’s best to treat any potential purchases from a business as if you’ve been scammed; attempt to contact the company; no / unanswered / invalid phone number?

Search the business online, in the case of new products, wait for a credible source before committing.

At least order by credit, you can usually be reimbursed by the card companies in the event of a scam such as this.

Search Avoiding Online Fraud.

Been scammed by an online ‘business’?

-Copy and/or screen-shoot any and all information, and file with the Better Business Bureau (USA); and the Internet Service Provider (eMail issuer) for the support [if any], or contact listings.

See also; PC Mag: Top Five Online Scams.