Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Frequently Asked Questions:

"Can I boost the [hacked] iPhone's volume?"
    Yes, use Volume Boost.

"Are hacked iPhones stable?"

"What is the best way to hack the iPhone?"

"What does at&t charge for the iPhone?"
     Pricing starts at $60USD/month with no discounts allowed.  (more info; click 'plans'.)

"Is 'Leopard' [Macintosh OS 10.5] worth the money?"
     Yes, but be aware, it is the first OS X version to appear slightly slower than previous OS versions, on older single-processor motorola machines.

"Why are you doing this [blog]?"
     [appleguyTom] I like helping people, and, I use this as a reference, as I have the memory of a newt.

"Do you hate '[IBM type] PC's or Linux?"
     [appleguyTom] No.  microsoft, well...

"Say, what's with all the windows crap on your guy's Apple bLog?????"
     All Intel-based Macintoshes are able to run windows. This obviously presents problems....

"blah, blah... Mac gaming... blah"
     [appleguyTom] This is *THE* single most frustrating thing about being an Appletard...  {snip}  I have a PS3.

"What computer brand/model do you recommend?"
     [appleguyTom] I don't.  Use what your familiar with, if compelled to change as a result of undue frustration, then investigate the Macintosh.  Expect Different.

"Aren't Mac's more expensive?"

"What is the iPhones warranty?"
     Only a manufactures defect is covered, for 1yr (2yrs with extra $69 USD coverage -"AppleCare")

"Are you married?"
     [appleguyTom] Why yes I am, thanks for asking.  [ok, this question, not so frequent.]

"What flavor is the cool-aid?"
     Contrary to popular belief, its actually herbal tea.  [and its a colonic.**]

"Who is Fake Steve Jobs?"
     I could tell you, but Moshe would have to kill you. And me.

** Thanks, FSJ.

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