Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apple App Store programs refusing to run (dumping immediately back to the main screen):

This post pertains to the applications downloaded from the Apple App Store.
Applications downloaded from 'Cydia' or 'Installer', see posting here.

An iPhone / iTouch application appears to crash back to the spring/summerboard upon running.

Possible cause: The application was bought under, or synced to, another iTunes or App Store (.Mac) ID.

Possible solution 1: Uninstall, then reinstall the application.
(Programs purchased can be downloaded again free if using the same ID under which it was bought originally.

Possible solution 2: Re-sync to the original computer profile/iTunes (apps not purchased under the original iTunes/App Store ID will be lost; the app can be re-downloaded [for free] only under the properly purchased ID).

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