Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another good 3rd party app for iPhone/iTouch utilities:

SBSettings a BigBoss app* which allows quick access to:

-WiFi and Data IP addresses.
-Used/free space for the device's memory (sometimes referred to, incorrectly, as HDD space).
-Quick Respring and Power off.
-Quick toggling for various options such as WiFi, SSH, and BlueTooth -among others.
-Quick access to any programs (up to 12) you can add to the the pop-up 'Dock' (within the app).

Wiping your finger across the top of the screen accesses the drop down menu:

Touching the 'Dock' button reveals the application icons previously selected through the 'More' option:

Good Stuff.

*BigBoss, a brilliant programmer(s) whose apps are installed through Cydia or Installer (iPhone School links) via ZiPhone, which installs them both quickly, and easily.

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