Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iChat connection issues: Undefined AIM Socket Error

iChat is unable to connect:

[Assuming you have internet connectivity]
Check your System Firewall settings;
(Directions from Mac OS 10.6; earlier versions are similar)

Click ‘System Preferences’,
Click ‘Security’,
Select the ‘Firewall’ tab,
If the padlock is closed, click it to enter the administrator password,

Click ‘Advanced’,
Insure ‘Block all incoming connections' is not checked.
Scroll down to ‘iChat’ and ‘iChatAgent’ listings,
Click each listing at the arrows (right-hand edge) and select ‘Allow incoming connections’.

Click ‘OK’,
Close System Preferences,
Quit iChat, if running, and try running iChat now.

If you receive the same error,  check additional software firewalls (McAfee, Norton, etc.)

Check any hardware firewalls such as routers; try bypassing the router it eliminate that as an issue. 
Note: cable modems require unplugging its power to release the device’s address it was communicating with. (unplug the modem, and plug it back-in when switching between routers and computers.) 
Further, when using a VOIP, or Digital Voice (cable phone) modem, you must pull the backup battery, or push the reset button hidden through a pinhole in back to actually reset it.


Additional Norton 2010 Firewall help:
Run Norton Firewall,
Select ‘Firewall Settings

Is Connection Blocking On? -No, Skip to Application Blocking below.

-Yes, Connection Blocking is On; Click ‘Configure…’, Scroll down below the listing for ‘iChat’ the line should read ‘Allow    All other connections’, if not click on the 'Block    All other connections’ line to highlight, and Click ‘Edit’, Select ‘Allow’ from the drop down menu.

Is Application Blocking On? -No

-Yes, Application Blocking is On; Click ‘Configure…’, Scroll down to the ‘iChat’ and ‘iChatAgent’ listings, and insure ‘allow’ is selected. (Double arrows at right of each listing toggles the setting.)

Click ‘Done
Quit Norton Firewall.
Quit iChat, if running, and try running iChat now.

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