Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Application at "The windows Club" fixes 50 windows Vista and 7 issues:

While in the midst of troubleshooting an unrecognized Airport Base Station in windows 7, I found a freeware utility to correct some obscure windows Vista and windows 7 problems.
The utility, 'FixWin' is available over at "The windows Club", and allows you to select among 50-odd repairs to windows.
They don't list the repair options, so here's a quick reference:

Reset recycle bin icon.
Reset 'Folder View'.
Reset 'Games Explorer'.
Reset 'Folder Options'.
Reset 'Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives'.
Reset 'Sidebar'.
Reset 'Explorer.exe'.
Fix CD, DVD drive not showing.
Reset 'Thumbnails' in windows explorer.
Reset Internet Explorer icon.
Bypass run once in Internet Explorer.
Reset 'Internet Options' tab in 'Internet Options' control panel.
Optimize maximum Internet Explorer connections.
Remove forced msn default homepage.
Fix Internet Explorer "Runtime Errors".
Repair/Reset internet connection, or reset TCP/IP to default.
Fix blurry fonts / text in Internet Explorer 8.
Reset Internet Explorer.
Restore right-click Internet Explorer contextual menu.
Correct a variety of Media Player / Media Center issues.
Enable Task Manager.
Enable Command Prompt.
Enable Registry Editor.
Enable MMC snap-ins.
Reset windows search.
Reset System Restore to defaults.
Reset Device Manager.
Repair windows Defender.
Correct Action Center / Security Center not recognizing any, or old antivirus, or firewall programs.
Fix blank 'Turn windows Features On Or Off' dialog.
Enable hibernate and/or hybrid sleep features.
Reset sidebar gadgets.
Reset sticky notes delete dialog.
Correct blank windows Update webpage.
Reset windows help files in 'windows Help'.
Fix corrupted desktop icons / cache limit.
Restore taskbar 'jump' list or recent programs list.
Restore Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and /or Aero Peek.

FixWin is one of several free windows Vista and windows 7 utilities offered by these fine people.
Ultimate windows Tweaker
Fix IE
Fix mSE (microsoft Security Essentials)
Fix wU (windows Update)
windows Access Panel (Easy one click access to windows maintenance programs)
Prevent (Set a hot-key to allow cut, copy, paste, move, send, copy to, rename, and access to end processes, and some contextual menus.)

Happy (bug) hunting.

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