Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Releases iTunes In The Cloud 10.5.

Apple has released iTunes 10.5.
The first step toward iCloud integration (worry-free integration of purchases, backup and computer personalization.) has arrived.

The impending release of the full iOS 5 (141) [iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, and iPad 1, 2] operating system update, (scheduled for tomorrow, 12 Oct 2011, 12 noon) which promised an Operating System of  “Star Trek” worthly praise [if only in the ‘very-early Dr. Soong prototype “A5" sort of way'] [Star Trek; emphasis mine].... I am fairly certain this signals the early steps toward an Apple ‘iRobot’? ‘iAndroid’? ‘iPersonal Assistant’? [lol - in name/branding only, I’m serious (iHope)].

—remind self to review Steve’s keynote presentation notes on presentations.*

* Cudos to Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Greg Joswiak,and Scott Forstall for the great keynote, considering the circumstances, pressure, and competition; an excellent job.

Sure sugar is sweet, but better tasting then piss-water, or sewer-water.

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