Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comcast / Xfinity: Programming the remote to a TV/VCR/DVD combo device

Some TV's use two different codes for "On" and "Off": Try pressing 'Ch +' [Channel Up] followed by the 'Power' button to either power the TV on or off.

If the  remote codes (link) fail to work the television, try programing the 'Aux' button using the TV's brand for VCR's and DVD players.

If the 'Aux' button powers the TV but will not work the volume, try programming the 'TV' button again, this time trying only the volume keys.

If all else fails, try assigning the volume keys to the 'Aux' button:
Press and release the 'Aux' button ['AUX' button blinks].

Press and hold the 'Setup' button ['Aux' button will blink twice] release the 'Aux' button, and press '9', '9', '3' followed by 'Aux' again. ['Aux' button blinks twice].

Try the volume keys now.

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