Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Entry-level Cable FAQ

From older, poorer to newer; better.

Coax (standard issue screw-on connectors) analog video and audio

Composite (yellow -video, red -right audio, white -left audio) analog

Component (red; blue; green -video, red -right audio, white -left audio) analog

DVI (Digital Video Interface) video only.

HDMI (Hi-Definition Multimedia Interface) digital video; Includes digital audio unless adapted from DVI.


From older, poorer to newer better*.

Coax (screw-on connectors) -analog

Composite/Component -analog

Coax (usually orange RCA push-on connector) -digital

Optical -digital

Some Audio/Videophiles insist analog is superior to digital, as digital is sampled.
This becomes less of a problem as sample rates increase.
-Most people cannot tell the difference.

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