Monday, March 24, 2008

WPA and Airport (B) possible solution.

Airport gives a generic "
...error joining Airport network" response while attempting to connect to a WPA encrypted network.

Possible solution:
Using the 'Airport Admin Utility' from an OS prior to 10.5 
NOT the newer 'Airport Utility' offers an option which apparently has been dropped. as of this writing

get it. (Airport Admin Utility 4.2 (420.31) (I had an older Mac with I moved it from.)

Second, run it on a computer on the network. 
It may need to be cabled, not wireless


Double-click (or select the Base station listed and click 'Configure').

A window opens with the name of your Base station, Click the 'Airport' tab, far top left.

Click the 'Change Wireless Security' button toward the bottom of the right side.

See the 'Encryption Type' option midway down? ...Yeah, 
Must be set to 'WPA Only'.

(The 'Wireless Security' option at the top will switch to 'WPA Personal')

Assuming the Base Station is otherwise straight, this was prolly the issue.

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